News - 26 November 2019

The Coolest White Shown at State of Extremes Exhibit

See The Coolest White in action at the Design Museum Holon

The dark-coloured, heat-retaining materials used to construct the buildings in our cities are one of the main causes of the urban heat island effect. Buildings absorb solar radiation and store heat from the sun, which means they not only require large amounts of energy to cool, but that the absorbed heat is also released into the surrounding urban environment. As global warming exacerbates this problem, there is a pressing need to manage extreme heat in our cities.

At the State of Extremes exhibit at the Design Museum Holon, we will be exploring the urban heat island effect, as well as putting the Coolest White into action. We will not only tell but also show the impact of the urban heat island effect, so that we can better understand how the temperature of cities is influenced by the buildings within them.


Design Museum Holon


December 12th, 2019


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