News - 1 January 2019

New Podcast: UNS Talks about the Future of Work

As the world of work changes, what is around the corner for the architectural profession? There is no doubt that architectural output is bolstered by the digital tools at our fingertips. But as the role of computational design grows, we architects need to ask ourselves whether the human touch, ideation, stakeholder engagement and craftsmanship will become the crux of our profession.

Beyond these developments, what will changing working conditions, client expectations and processes mean for the workspaces that we design?

Framed by these questions, we sat with UNStudio Founder & Principal Architect Ben van Berkel, Associate Director & Senior Architect Marianthi Tatari and Senior Design Architect & Associate Harlen Miller to discuss how architects can best prepare themselves for the changing future of their profession, as well as how to employ informed judgement when using digital tools to design workspaces.