News - 16 January 2020

UNStudio creates a shared vision and spatial exploration with the Textile Museum in Tilburg

With a goal to create an inclusive, accessible and socially responsible location that connects with visitors and the local community alike, our shared vision and spatial exploration for the Textile Museum in Tilburg adjusts to the current and future needs of the museum.

What is the museum today, and how can it remain relevant in the future? Is it a community space, a cultural research institute, a knowledge sharing hub, or a social catalyst? In order to understand and hypothesize about future scenarios for the Textile Museum in Tilburg, UNStudio undertook in-depth listening and research exercises with the museum and connected stakeholders to define the soft parameters that will determine the museum’s future.

With visitor numbers at record capacity, the need to expand the Textile Museum has become necessary. However, we recognize this expansion not only an opportunity to create an integrated user-experience, but a way to change the role of the museum within larger society, as well as the nature of engagement with museum visitors.

In our spatial exploration created with the museum, we have proposed several different scenarios that answer the question of how the museum can function within its opening hours, and beyond them. With changing expectations for engagement and knowledge sharing, museum visitors now want to become active participants and co-creators within the museum itself. Alongside this, the museum can also act as a community catalyst for people to come together. By reclaiming and repurposing its former factory role as a pillar for the community, the museum becomes a place of social connection, and a space the local community can feel proud of.

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