News - 1 September 2020

Swiss Railways Launch Pilot Test of Coolest White Paint

Swiss Federal Railways is running a pilot test with our revolutionary Coolest White paint to determine if it can keep metal train tracks from buckling in the heat.

Swiss Federal Railways started a one-year pilot study in mid-June with our revolutionary Coolest White paint, developed in partnership with Monopol Colors, to determine if it can reduce the distorting effects of heat on metal train tracks.

The Coolest White is an ultra-durable paint that protects buildings and urban structures from excessive solar radiation in the face of climate change. It is based on fluoropolymer technology and has long lasting and ultra-durable properties that prolong the lifecycle of the coating up to 30 years.

The multilayered coating system was developed for high-quality metallic elements and aluminium, steel or fiberglass structures.

The study is being conducted on a 300-metre section of track in Graubünden, eastern Switzerland, according to a report by, the international unit of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.

The technique of painting railway tracks white is already commonly used in Italy, while Germany has also been testing it since 2019.