Event - 4 February 2021

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The corona pandemic has unequivocally shone a light on the importance that housing has on our health and wellbeing. It has also highlighted housing crises around the globe, and the lack of affordable housing in many of our cities. In addition, some companies (such as Twitter and Unilever) have announced that employees with never be required to work from their offices full time again, meaning that homes will continues to act as hybrid living/working spaces well after the pandemic has ended.

Meanwhile, other global challenges including climate change, digitisation and demographic explosion, which is predicted to see the world’s population reach 10 billion by 2050, all create additional questions about the future of housing.

What will housing models look like in years to come? How will we ensure the homes we build are as sustainable as possible? How will we meet shortages and ensure every demographic is catered for? Will micro-living become the norm? And will a “New European Bauhaus” movement, an initiative called for by the European Commission as part of the European Green Deal, bring solutions and a new era of housing design?

In our upcoming webinar on the Future of Housing, we’ll explore some of these big questions.


Ben van Berkel, Founder and Principal Architect, UNStudio/Founder of UNSense
Jerónimo van Schendel, Director of Master in Business for Architecture and Design, IE School of Architecture and Design
Ren Yee, Head of Innovation Strategy and Forecasting, UNStudio, Head of Design/Strategies, UNSense
Romina Canna, PhD in Urbanism, Associate Professor and Director of IE School of Architecture and Design’s Design-Lab

February 4, 2021

Online (This event will take place on Zoom. You don’t need to download the software to access the event.)

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