News - 28 January 2021

UNStudio and Delta Light Reveal Lightscape System Designed to Improve Wellbeing

UNStudio and Delta Light reveal Soliscape, a new sensor-based lighting and acoustic system that optimises indoor environments to improve the wellbeing of their users.

Soliscape (sound and light-scape) is an innovative solution that uses sensors to determine the optimal lighting and acoustic conditions for users, and adjusts the settings to best suit their needs.

Its release comes at a time when human wellbeing has become the driving force behind a new era of design, and presents a solution for making workplaces healthier.

Ben van Berkel, UNStudio’s Founder and Principal Architect, highlights that the system is designed with personalisation and versatility in mind.

“The way we work, live and relax is changing,” he explained. “This new hybrid world is causing architects and designers to rethink how we design our cities and buildings, so that we can create places that encourage health and wellbeing. Lighting is a very crucial element in helping us to create such places.”

The Soliscape system is a toolbox of flexible components and modules for architects and designers that will enable them to create workable and liveable solutions for their projects; a system that combines lighting with acoustics and connected sensoring, into an aesthetically appealing solution that can easily connect to any building management system.

Due to its adaptable configuration possibilities, the system has a broad range of applications and can also alongside offices it can also be used in hotels, hospitality, retail and public spaces.

The system can be configured to best suit the daily needs and programming of each location.

Peter Ameloot, Research and Development Manager at Delta Light, believes that lighting should be seen as much more than a basic necessity.

“Work environments in particular require extra attention, where user-centric lighting has proven to considerably boost productivity and wellbeing,” he said. “With Soliscape we even take it to the next level, not just by adding acoustic elements, but even more so by using behavioural parameters to further upgrade comfort.”

In consultation with Delta Light, Soliscape was developed by UNSx, UNStudio’s in-house multidisciplinary team. The heart of the design process involved research to identify the human-centric problems the system should solve, and the resulting functions and services it could offer.

Through the collaboration, we aimed to create sensor-based environments that respond, learn and adjust to people’s daily activities, taking smart buildings towards responsive architecture through a system that allows people intuitive control and personalisation of space.

Find out more about Soliscape here.