News - 2 March 2021

New Handle Range Unveiled, Inspired by FOUR Frankfurt

German building hardware manufacturer HAFI and UNStudio have joined forces to create a new line of handles, influenced by the architectural towers of our FOUR Frankfurt development.

The new collection, called HAFI 244, features a full range of sculptural and contemporary door and window handles, which can be tailored to suit any interior.

“HAFI 244 is ergonomic, comfortable, solid, easy to use and not too complicated to produce, which makes it an affordable option for all building scales,” said Ben van Berkel, UNStudio’s Founder and Principal Architect.

The design for this new family of products is inspired by the towers of our FOUR project in Frankfurt, which is currently being built. It will see a former Deutsche Bank site, which has remained inaccessible for the past 45 years, redeveloped into a vibrant inner-city quarter.

In our new collaboration with HAFI, we combined their team’s extensive knowledge of product development, materials, finishes and understanding of the market with our knowledge of architecture, experience design, aesthetics and innovation.

“The collaboration with HAFI has been a fantastic experience. In addition to visiting their factory, we engaged in a series of incredibly creative and positive workshops in order to develop the 244 family of handles and refine the details together,” said Van Berkel.

The products in the HAFI 244 collection are made from stainless steel and come in a variety of finishes, including a PVD coating, which is highly resistant to wear and scratches. This coating can be matt or glossy and produced in rose, gold, bronze, brass or black colours.

Find out more about HAFI 244 here.