JetBrains St. Petersburg Office to be an Innovative Green Campus JetBrains St. Petersburg Office to be an Innovative Green Campus
News - 12 April 2021

JetBrains St. Petersburg Office to be an Innovative Green Campus

Overlooking the Gulf of Finland, the new JetBrains office in St. Petersburg will be a world-class green work campus where health and connectivity are at the core of the design.

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Designed by UNStudio, the new St. Petersburg campus for international software development company JetBrains will transform their current premises into a modern, immersive campus environment intended to attract unique talent by expressing the company’s distinct identity to its workforce.

Ben van Berkel, UNStudio’s founder and principal architect, highlighted that with this design, we were able to utilise our years of research and experience into creating healthier workplaces.  

“[JetBrains] possesses a deep understanding of their workforce and have a very contemporary approach to the future of work,” he said. “This meant that we were able to bring everything that we have learnt from designing contemporary work spaces to this design and could create a warm, green, transparent, open and inviting office that stimulates total interaction.”

With nine offices already located in Europe, Russia and the US, the new building will turn their current St. Petersburg office into a work campus focused on the comfort and wellbeing of every person who works there, as well as of those who simply pass through. The company's specific approach to work culture also led to the inclusion of custom-made, healthy work stations for all 1,000 newly housed employees.

Central to the design is the large, vertically stepped atrium, which will be the core of the new JetBrains community. This generous open space, which connects to an outdoor courtyard and terraces, creates conditions to foster physical, mental, social and environmental health.

Over the years, we have built up an extensive portfolio of office buildings and workspace designs. This has provided us with a deep understanding of what is required of the optimal work environment and the positive impact such spaces can have on the health, wellbeing, creativity - and therefore productivity - of those using them.

Construction on the new JetBrains’ campus is expected to start this year.

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