Human-centered Design for Real Estate: Focusing on Inhabitants’ Experience

In a co-creative process with a Dutch real estate developer, our UNSx team worked to uncover the unmet needs that arose for homeowners during the corona pandemic.

To do this, we used service design processes as a tool to spark imagination and create concepts that could improve the experience of people living in housing developments offered by the company.

With representatives of multiple departments, we carried out an intensive one-day digital workshop focused on customer journeys. During the session, we mapped out the physical and digital touchpoints for different user profiles.

We started with Creative Storytelling, mapping out a ‘day-in-the-life’ of each persona - from where they get their coffee in the morning to how they interact with their families and community. Subsequently, we analysed the above scenarios to ideate products or services that could change someone’s experience from negative to positive and offer new products, services or experiences to better serve their needs.

An unexpected finding from the workshop was that each group proposed solutions that offered a clear separation of work and life, and a more neighbourhood-centric approach.

The needs-mapping activities were a starting point for concept development where UNSx plays the role of a guide rather than a concept designer. This approach allowed us to bring in different voices and perspectives, and enabled the client to take ownership of their ideas for successful implementation.

Team: Filippo Lodi, Beata Giermasinska, Melody Won, William de Boer