Culture-led Experience Strategy for Athens Marina Residential Tower

The new luxury real estate market is defined by a change in mindset from having to being. It is shaped by demand for spaces that offer a curated lifestyle and exclusive, end-to-end experiences rather than spaces and objects.

At the same time, real estate developers are being required to put more consideration into existing communities and local heritage because of rising awareness of issues around gentrification.

Through a co-creative process, in collaboration with architects at UNStudio, our UNSx team developed a holistic experience strategy for a residential tower in Athens. It took into consideration three scales: the flat, the building and the city. The strategy outlines how tailored services can improve the experience for residents, visitors and the local community using the building.

With a strong focus on culture, the strategy spans across four main themes:

The tower as a platform for the expression of art. Through partnerships and collaboration, carefully curated art exhibits and public installations, the building showcases local heritage. Art-led services and partnerships create a new dimension to community engagement and help to create a stronger sense of local and city-wide ownership.

Connected to the cultural pulse of the city, residents have in-house access to local fine dining and fine art.

Personalised Wellbeing
Wellbeing is part of the culture promoted through the design for the tower. The beach lounge and wellness centre encourage mindful living and local eating habits.

Relationship with Nature
Sandwiched between land and sea, the Marina Residential Tower offers the best of both worlds. From a world-class park to water sports, there are many ways for residents to connect with nature.

Team: Filippo Lodi, Beata Giermasinska

Photo: Pexels