News - 16 April 2021

Beulah Acquires Iconic Site with Plans to Extend Melbourne Southbank Project

Southbank by Beulah will become a rare island site in central Melbourne after property developer Beulah acquired the neighbouring plot, with plans to extend the project.

Sitting on one of Southbank’s busiest corners, the newly acquired site, currently home to Hanover House, will allow Southbank by Beulah to expand by 1,515sqm.

UNStudio and Cox Architecture, the duo behind the design, which includes Australia’s tallest tower, are now preparing a submission to the local council for permission to extend the project’s lifestyle retail podium.

If approved, Southbank by Beulah will span a total of 7,706sqm, and ultimately create a rare island site with four street frontages (Power Street, City Road, Southbank Boulevard, Waterfall Lane), plus a new Melbourne laneway.

Among the changes, the expansion will allow for more than 45 metres of additional space to be created between the two towers, as well as an increase of the public park on the 7th floor and the community auditorium. The commercial offering will also increase to 50,000sqm, as a direct response to the future of workspaces post-covid.

Beulah’s Managing Director, Jiaheng Chan, said the acquisition provides an exciting opportunity for the team behind Southbank by Beulah, as well as the City of Melbourne, its residents and visitors alike.

“Acquiring Hanover House is a strategic move that will allow us to truly realise our vision for Southbank by Beulah and that is to create a cultural heart for the Southbank area and its surrounds,” he said. “Having a rare island site in this central location will provide us endless opportunities to create a state-of-the-art precinct, unlike anything Melbourne has seen.”

The construction of Southbank by Beulah is expected to start in early 2022, and will take approximately five years to complete.

Find out more about the project here.