News - 19 July 2021

UNStudio and DA Group's Design Chosen as Winner of Chungnam Art Museum Competition

UNStudio and DA Group’s design was named the winner for the Korea’s new Chungnam Art Museum, which aims to become one of the country’s first Zero-Energy museums.

In a nail-biting jury decision on Monday, UNStudio’s design for the Chungnam Art Museum, created in collaboration with DA Group, was selected as the winning entry.

Alongside UNStudio, the competition featured proposals from BIG, Steven Holl, Snohetta, Grafton and SsD + ALA.

UNStudio’s Founder and Principal Architect, Ben van Berkel said: “Art has the power to bring people together. It inspires, it teaches and it fosters communities. The Chungnam Art Museum will be a place for people to experience this…and much more.”

The winning consortium comprises design partners UNStudio and DA Group, Squint/Opera (digital content and exhibition design), Loos van Vliet (landscape design) and UNSense (community content).

Our design for the museum will provide a new form of interactive engagement between art and the public. It will be a fully immersive cultural and social experience for the whole community; a living, breathing space that will grow and change over time.


This smart art museum incorporates two big, defining details into the design: a plateaued central courtyard and the Cultural Boulevard.

The latter is the central wayfinding element, as it combines the outside with the inside and provides links throughout the site, seamlessly blending art, culture and commerce.

The continuity of the Cultural Boulevard to the neighbouring Arts Centre and the Library also activates the common functions. This is then balanced through the connection to the landscape and to the mountains behind.

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