News - 21 July 2021

UNStudio’s Inclusive Design Selected as Winning Proposal for Sochi Waterfront

Our concept masterplan was selected as the winning proposal for the development of Sochi Waterfront on the Russian Black Sea coast.

Based on creating ‘a place for all’, our masterplan proposal for the Sochi Waterfront sees it becoming the ultimate destination, where new opportunities are created for locals and attractions are offered for visitors.

In the proposal, Sochi Coast becomes SoCo: a revitalising leisure resort that celebrates a healthy life, provides grades of luxury, fun, and glamour, as well as unique adventures and memorable experiences.

SoCo will build new trends on the backbone of existing resources, with nature, culture and innovation enhanced and integrated into its identity. Here, technology will be embedded into the area to support short- and long-term targets, and to execute, monitor and enhance the built, green environment. Above all, SoCo will be an inclusive community.

The Sochi Coast, with its characteristic contemporary architecture, retail, gastronomic experiences, and extensive green areas, is recognised as one of Russia’s most important holiday destinations and is considered to be the main anchor among the Black Sea Coast Resorts.

The city is also famous for hosting the Winter Olympics in 2014, meaning that it also enjoys a considerable network of connections and existing infrastructure.

UNStudio’s waterfront masterplan proposal rebrands Sochi as a vibrant and inclusive mixed-use programme that focuses on hospitality, business, and culture while benefiting from the grand cultural legacy of the existing context of the city.

The goal of the city’s future development is to make Sochi the most progressive and international harbour for culture, technology, health, and innovation and to enrich the life of a local community and visitors.

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Renders: ZOA (top), UNStudio