News - 19 November 2021

UNStudio’s Winning-Proposal Begins Design Development

UNStudio’s health-centric, sustainability-focused proposal for the 5YN3RGY Media Harbour in Dusseldorf will begin further design development.

Designed to respond to both the urban and natural environments, 5YN3RGY makes full use of the location to create an attractive urban space for its users and neighbours alike. Here, we took an architectural approach that is set to create a biosphere that improves both the inner and outer air quality.

A new biosphere will be located in a natural air corridor which provides Dusseldorf with fresh air. It will therefore improve not only the air quality in the building, but also purify and provide fresh air to the surrounding developments. This results in a healthy, attractive and safe urban outdoor space brought about by integrated biophilic properties.

In order to support a healthy working environment, 5YN3RGY’s atrium channels daylight and fresh air deep into very office level. Mimicking the opening and closing mechanism of a camera lens, this focal point is designed in such a way as to draw daylight into the interior, while simultaneously opening up views to the sky.

We also included green connections to draw nature inwards and create a physical and visual connection to the adjacent biosphere and the roof garden.

UNStudio initially won this competition in 2020, and is developing the project with CODIC, with help from IQ Real Estate and Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners.

Find out more about the project here.