News - 16 March 2022

UNStudio Launches English Translation of ‘What We Want Has Never Been Done’ in Cannes

The English version of the book What We Want Has Never Been Done by Ben van Berkel (UNStudio) and Carolien Gehrels (Arcadis) explores how to utilise an approach that was proposed for the Netherlands to tackle major spatial challenges across the globe. 

UNStudio is launching the English translation of What We Want Has Never Been Done, which lays out the results of an initiative from De Bouwagenda, at a panel discussion at the MIPIM real estate conference in Cannes on March 16. This book, featuringdetailed examples of successful case studies, aims to inspire every alderman, urban planner, project developer, policy official, architect, builder, engineer, financier or environmental group to investigate the potential routes to creating a fully integrated building process.

One million extra homes, energy transition, mobility issues andclimate adaptation are just some of the urgent tasks that the Netherlands is facing. The conviction is that local solutions to these issues can also be conducted on a global scale.

It maps out what must be done in order to design a more sustainable and healthy future for all. What we want has never been done - and now is the moment to do it.

The printed version can be purchased here.
The English version can be downloaded here.