News - 22 March 2022

UNStudio Wins Competition for New Mixed-Use Tower in Dusseldorf

Cologne-based project developer PANDION held an International Architectural Competition for a new mixed-use high-rise building in Düsseldorf. The design by UNStudio and OKRA Landscape Architects was chosen by the jury as the winning design by majority vote. The approximately 90-metre-tall building will be located at the entrance of the city, culminating at the Belsenpark masterplan urban development.

The Belsenpark Tower captures the essence of community building. Designed and positioned to seamlessly integrate into the surrounding developments, UNStudio and OKRA Landschaftsarchitekten’s design forms an intimate pocket park surrounded by public uses, including a programmed pedestrian axis that runs underneath the nearby elevated road, through the building and into a courtyard park.

The mixed-use tower will house offices on the lower levels and a rich mix of apartment types above. The ground floor zone also features a varied and porous programme, which includes an open park area, gastronomy outlets and a health, sport and wellness programme.

Strategically located in one of Dusseldorf’s east-west green corridors, the building encourages social interaction for the residents and the surrounding community, as well as strengthening the city's greenery and bio-diversity. The landscape planning supports UNStudio’s approach to the building’s architecture and sustainability. In the courtyard park, at the intersection of the two cycle and pedestrian paths, a water feature creates an attractive place to enjoy the sun, while supporting a sustainable approach to water management.

This focus on sustainability continues throughout. In addition to using prefabricated components in construction and taking a modular approach to the supporting structure, facade and building services, the aim is to significantly reduce CO2 emissions during operations.

This modular approach enables maximum flexibility for extension and facade design. Whilst wood is proposed for the load bearing components of the low-rise buildings, the tower will be constructed using reinforced pre-fab recycled concrete and CO2-reduced cement.

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