UNStudio to host first day of Gevel 2022 Façade conference UNStudio to host first day of Gevel 2022 Façade conference
News - 25 May 2022

UNStudio to host first day of Gevel 2022 Façade conference

UNStudio is proud to announce that we will function as an Ambassador for the largest façade conference in the Netherlands.

GEVEL is an annual event that brings together designers, fabricators and construction companies for three full days in the form of talks, events and exhibitions at the famous Jaarbeurs hall in the Dutch city of Utrecht. On May 31, the conference is back after a long pause during the pandemic - and UNStudio is hosting the inaugural day of the event.

The theme for this year is ‘Inception’, which we interpreted as the origin of the ideas that arise in the design process; we wanted to highlight what we can learn from contemporary solutions in façade systems, while also understanding the context from which these disruptive and often interdisciplinary ideas originate.

As ambassadors we were tasked with organising a panel of speakers that will run from 11 am to 5 pm and will be hosted on the main arena.

UNStudio took great care in composing an exciting line-up of architects, thinkers and visionaries from all over the world. To frame this effort, we have separated the speakers into four different categories: White, Translucent, Invisible and Hot red. A separation that creates a gradient from the invisible to the spectral colors, a direct reference to the individual expertise of the panelists:

White for circularity and future-proof / sustainable solutions
Translucent for material effects and transparency
Invisible for digital / parametric tools, media and technology in the design process
Hot red for energy-harvesting materials and solar design

Information about location, dates and speakers:

11:00 Astrid Piber’s (UNStudio) introduction + White (host: Ayax Abreu Garcia, UNStudio)
Hedwig Heinsman (Aectual) + Ward Massa (Stonecycling) + Wessel van Beerendonk (Studio RAP)

13:00 Translucent (host: Nyasha Harper-Michon, UNStudio)
Sebastian Behmann (StudioOtherSpaces) + Nemesi studio + Giacomo Garziano (GG loop)

14:30 Invisible (host: Ayax Abreu Garcia, UNStudio)
Toby Clark (ARUP) + Andrea Love  + Valentin Spiess (iart)

16:00 Hot red (host: Nyasha Harper-Michon, UNStudio)
Marjan van Aubel + Solar Visuals

Please come join us on Tuesday, May 31 in Utrecht! All panels will be conducted in English.
Registration is required. You can register for free, here.