UNStudio Completes Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre in Beijing UNStudio Completes Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre in Beijing
News - 4 August 2022

UNStudio Completes Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre in Beijing

UNStudio has completed the facade and interior of a new FlySolo Rehabilitation Medical Centre in Beijing. Inspired by its mission to empower children of all abilities to take an active role in society, and as part of UNStudio’s diverse efforts to give back to the community, we worked with FlySolo to create the design for a dedicated pediatric medical centre in Beijing.

Inclusivity is at the very heart of building stronger communities. Proximity to quality healthcare facilities helps to ensure that all individuals are cared for. UNStudio’s recent completed design for the FlySolo Rehabilitation Medical Centre considers the human experience in rehabilitation medicine to help patients gain access to a diverse range of innovative therapies. As such, this collaboration is home to flexible physical, occupational and speech therapy rooms, as well as shared doctors’ and consultation offices.

In order to promote positive mental health, the interior incorporates a soothing palette of colours and sweeping gestures, inspired by nature and favorite children’s book illustrations. Additionally, UNStudio implemented sustainable design solutions as a means of fostering a warm and humanising rehabilitation experience that focuses on the individual patient and family journey from diagnosis to treatment.

The design of the Centre also incorporates the child’s need to play, explore, move and discover. In the waiting areas outside of the treatment rooms, mini slides and interactive seating are integrated in order to engage and energise. Small nooks are also provided for children to play in and to provide privacy for waiting parents and families.

Flexible functionality was another central feature of the design. To achieve this, UNStudio, alongside FlySolo’s doctors, therapists, and family advisory committee, considered numerous possible layouts based on maximising the required uses of the overall space, with the aim of striking a balance between the physical, the psychological and the social.

With this design, UNStudio and FlySolo seek to empower each child to not only fully participate in society, but also to have full opportunities.

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