UNStudio’s Publishes New Report on ‘the Many (Inter)faces of Technology’ UNStudio’s Publishes New Report on ‘the Many (Inter)faces of Technology’
News - 18 January 2023

UNStudio’s Publishes New Report on ‘the Many (Inter)faces of Technology’

UNStudio’s latest report delves into the ways technology is influencing three processes integral to the architectural sector: design, construction and post-occupancy.

Technology, in its many manifestations, has been pervasive in our everyday lives for quite some time and has reshaped how we do just about everything. With the urgency of climate change, societal challenges such as urbanisation, ageing populations and socioeconomic inequality, the focus of the entire architectural profession has shifted on a grand scale. It is now imperative that architects and urban designers look for solutions to design a healthier, more resilient and impactful built environment.

In our latest report “The many (inter)faces of technology in the built environment”, we parse through the key question of how can we adopt and adapt technological innovations for the benefit of all.

To do so, we sat down with our colleagues René Toet (Senior Architect/Associate at UNStudio), Alexander Kalachev (Senior Architect / Associate at UNStudio), Ren Yee (Head of Innovation Strategy) and Huey Chan (Strategic Designer) to discuss the numerous ways we at UNStudio are bridging the gap between architecture, technology, construction and the end users.

From BIM to urban mining, from energy consumption to waste management, even to the way we design streets and public spaces, technology can play a key role in how we design, construct and experience the built environment.

In recent years, new technologies have been adopted quickly by the design industry, to the benefit of all stakeholders. And while the construction industry could be more pro-active in its wide-scale use of new technologies on site, post-occupancy services are currently undergoing an exciting and innovative period of research and development.

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