UNStudio Completes Refurbishment of Former Dutch Bank Headquarters UNStudio Completes Refurbishment of Former Dutch Bank Headquarters
News - 11 April 2023

UNStudio Completes Refurbishment of Former Dutch Bank Headquarters

Fellenoord 15, the recently completed remodel of a former bank headquarters in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, designed by UNStudio and commissioned by Edge, holistically fuses a healthy and flexible work concept with a highly sustainable, tech-enabled building.

In recent years, the negative environmental impact of the construction industry has significantly changed how we view the demolition of existing buildings in favour of new builds. Renovating or redeveloping existing building stock and extending the life span of our buildings is now favoured as a more sustainable solution, while also ensuring the retention of inherent historical or local significance.

In the case of Fellenoord 15, the existing building previously stood as a difficult-to-access bastion within the city and could no longer accommodate a changing and expanding workforce.

However, the building had a robust shell, which meant that the structure could be retained, rather than demolished. UNStudio’s decision aimed to save about 40% of the CO2 footprint compared to a new build. Sustainable techniques were also employed in the demolition of the former facade, setting the foundation for a truly sustainable development.

The new office floors are designed based on the idea of a gradient of activity: the central heart of the interior bustles with activity, while quiet workplaces are located alongside the facades on all floors, creating an ideal workplace for a wide variety of employees’ needs. Photo by Eva Bloem.

Benefitting from the expertise of Edge, the building is equipped with a variety of smart technologies. The use of location sensors and intelligent data infrastructure provides insight into the behavior of the users, which contributes to the reduction of energy consumption and improves the efficient use of spaces. They also help to create more sustainable and comfortable workplaces that also enable the control of individual work environments. The result is a new, flexible office building that is designed to adapt to the current – and future – needs of employees.

UNStudio’s recently completed design transforming a building from the past into an office for the future. Photo by Eva Bloem.

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