The Panorama Collection sets the trend for the new working landscape The Panorama Collection sets the trend for the new working landscape

The Panorama Collection sets the trend for the new working landscape

Flashback to Milan, where UNStudio and Fantoni revealed their flexible and sustainable Panorama Collection

The Panorama Collection, a highly flexible and sustainable integrated office furniture system was showcased by Fantoni for the first time at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Panorama, developed by UNSx, UNStudio’s experiential design team and designed in collaboration with Fantoni, is a future-proof, flexible and modular toolset for use in workplaces of all kinds. Constructed from chipboard made from 100% recycled wood, the design creates a 360-degree view into the dynamic and constantly changing office landscape.

With many companies looking towards fostering hybrid workforces, office interiors need to be more flexible than ever. Across the globe, employees are relying on collaboration tools such as Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams, to facilitate remote work. While the workplace needs to adapt to support this work, it also needs to be designed to enhance the employee experience and facilitate social innovation.

Photo by Thomas Jones

a can be used to devise a variety of spatial arrangements and configurations that facilitate its use not only in the office environment, but also in hybrid collab, or ‘third spaces’. The system  enables users to meet, work, or unwind – independently or in collaboration. As such, Panorama becomes a human-centric micro-architecture.

Photo by Adriano Ferrara

The design offers a wide range of functional options, from soft seating solutions for private calls, to more open configurations during breakout moments, or for meetings and brainstorming situations.

Photo by Thomas Jones

Flexible formations of panels with differing heights, alongside seats, work surfaces and accessories, encourage both work-related activities and interaction.

The Panorama catalogue of components can be used for collaborative situations, to create social spaces, or provide solutions for learning and focus. The system has a distinctive colour range and can be designed with different textures and patterns, depending on users needs.

Team credits:

UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with William de Boer, Filippo Lodi, Olivia Alvarez & Maria Chrysikou

Fantoni: Alessandro Fantoni with Marianna Fantoni, Andrea Bonamigo and Rosita Venturini, Adriano Ferrara