UNStudio Hong Kong House Warming Party Was a Success  UNStudio Hong Kong House Warming Party Was a Success
News - 21 July 2023

UNStudio Hong Kong House Warming Party Was a Success

On July 14th, UNStudio Hong Kong celebrated their newly renovated office with a house warming party attended by clients, colleagues, members of the design community and the media. UNS Asia held the event to express their gratitude for their guest’s long-term support and collaboration. Ben van Berkel, Founder and Principal Architect of UNStudio, and Hannes Pfau, UNStudio Partner and Managing Director of UNStudio Asia, alongside Garett Hwang, Director of UNStudio, opened the party with words of appreciation for their host city and their guests.

Hannes Pfau, who leads the teams in Shanghai and Hong Kong, toasted: “Thank you for attending our housewarming party. Since we came to Hong Kong nine years ago, we have always been, and remain, eager to create a sound relationship with this city and provide a much better service to our clients and friends. Together with our Shanghai office, we have the honor to work on such great achievements with you on such wonderful buildings.”

Garett Hwang added, “I also want to extend this gratitude to the Hong Kong design community. Since we've been here, you have been overwhelmingly welcoming to us. So we really hope to continue to contribute as much as we can, any way we can, to this local community… Also, I do have to say that we couldn't have come this far, of course, without all of our staff who are also here with us.”

Ben van Berkel, who was visiting both UNS Asia offices last week, said: “We are particularly grateful that the clients who have collaborated with us here have become our friends over the years. This is something we always strive for…Today we visited the Lyric Theatre, and are so excited to see what is happening on site, and what will later be a building for the public, everyone locally and perhaps even those from international locations will visit this building one day. It is exciting to see that exactly everything we promised the client is already taking shape. We love to create these exciting moments, and we aim to create the most sustainable and health buildings for all.”

UNStudio Asia

UNStudio Asia was established in 2010, with the first office located in Shanghai, followed by the inception of the Hong Kong office in 2014. With 35 years of international project experience, UNStudio has developed a highly flexible methodological approach, incorporating parametric design and collaborations with leading specialists in other disciplines to continually expanded its capabilities and grow an extensive network of consultants, partners, and advisors across the globe.