PRESS RELEASE | What mode are you in? UNStudio joins forces with Ahrend to create 'Remode', their most sustainable task chair yet PRESS RELEASE | What mode are you in? UNStudio joins forces with Ahrend to create 'Remode', their most sustainable task chair yet

PRESS RELEASE | What mode are you in? UNStudio joins forces with Ahrend to create 'Remode', their most sustainable task chair yet

UNStudio and Ahrend are proud to introduce the highly sustainable, ergonomic and adaptable task chair ‘Remode’. Inspired by sneaker design, Remode is the result of a collaboration with Ahrend, one of the world's leading providers of office furniture.

The most sustainable task chair yet

Ben van Berkel: “Ahrend asked us to design the most environmentally friendly task chair possible. It goes without saying that they wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing, but even more than that, it had to excel in terms of sustainability and ergonomics.”

From the outset of the design process for Remode, both UNStudio and Ahrend were determined to make all their choices from a sustainable standpoint. The result is a chair that is not just made from highly durable and sustainably sourced materials, it is also incredibly lightweight and designed for disassembly. This means that individual components can be repaired, replaced and recycled to extend the lifespan of the chair and the materials.

Rolf Verspuij, CEO Ahrend: “We felt it was important to develop a product that is not only produced sustainably, but is truly designed for circularity over multiple user life cycles. Extending the lifespan is ultimately the most sustainable way to use a product."

The structural parts of Remode are made from the Envalior material Akulon® RePurposed. This innovative material provides outstanding mechanical performance and strength. By using this sustainable material Remode contains 78% recycled plastics, of which 62% is recycled ocean plastics.

Dannie van Osch, Business Development Manager bij Envalior: “Akulon RePurposed is a game-changer in the industry. Not just for furniture, but for products of all kinds. 3 years ago I would not have dared to dream that the Ahrend Remode chair would be made of this material.

The netweave used for the seat and back is a strong self-supporting fabric that merges style, comfort and sustainability. It consists of 80% post-consumer recycled polyester and is Cradle to Cradle® Certified.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

The ways and places we work in today are becoming increasingly diverse. As such, Remode has been designed to be used virtually anywhere. Not just a chair for the office environment, Remode - which is currently available in the colours pink, black and grey - was designed to enrich any interior, be that a traditional office setting, a ‘third space', or at home.

When is a sneaker not a shoe?

Remode was inspired by sneakers. “Sneaker design is fascinating to me because it has to combine ergonomics, comfort, material innovation and aesthetics,” says Ben van Berkel. “Sneakers signify activity, health and achievement. They enable us to perform to our best, yet still protect our bodies. But overall, they are the most versatile, comfortable and healthy item of clothing you can wear. I wanted to create a chair that had all of these qualities and more.

This inspiration is reflected in the design details, such as the accent colour control button, the smooth contouring, the colour choices and the netweave seating that reveals the mechanics of the chair. However, it is also found in the functional properties of the chair; in the ergonomics and the high comfort level.

Remode meets the ergonomic standards to protect the body from repetitive strains, encourages good posture and reduces excessive stress on the spine. The chair is extremely adaptable and enables a high level of customisation. Alongside flexible armrests, the task chair features a synchro-movement mechanism that enables the seat and back to move smoothly together, promoting an active posture, and as the control buttons are easy to reach from the sitting position and all of the features can be adjusted individually.

Great effort was also taken to ensure the maximum comfort possible for the seating and the back support, for which there is a choice between netweave or upholstered cushioning, or a mix of the two.

Ben van Berkel: “Remode is principally a task chair, but it’s so versatile and comfortable that it can be used for practically anything you need to do for any length of time while sitting. And we wanted to work with Ahrend because they are at the forefront when it comes to designing for the future. They do this by designing for disassembly, making sustainable material choices and refurbishing their classics. Everything they do focuses on extending product life.

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About UNStudio
UNStudio, founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, is a Dutch architectural design studio specialising in architecture, interior architecture, product design, urban development and infrastructural projects. The name, UNStudio, stands for United Network Studio, referring to the collaborative nature of the practice.
Centrally located offices in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Frankfurt, Melbourne and Austin enable UNStudio to work efficiently anywhere in the world. Recent projects such as the Campus in Amsterdam, Echo, the interfaculty education building at T.U. Delft, and the mixed-use FOUR in Frankfurt demonstrate their ongoing commitment to highly sustainable and healthy architecture.
With a passion for innovation at the heart of their work, their designs stand for quality, originality, optimism and intelligence.

About Royal Ahrend
Founded in Amsterdam in 1896, Royal Ahrend is an international leader in the office furniture industry. The privately held company creates vitalising workspaces and high performing system furniture which are directly supplied to customers around the world.
The company’s system furniture and space solutions are designed to optimise employee’s experiences with the focus on stimulating health, wellbeing and productivity in workspaces. The products are globally appreciated for their outstanding sustainability and timeless Dutch Design signature.
The company operates sales offices in more than 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, through a portfolio of four well recognised brands; Ahrend, Gispen, Techo, Gispen Presikhaaf.
Royal Ahrend leads the industry in circular business models, Cradle2Cradle© product design and a member of the EllenMcArthur CE100 foundation. The company employs 1.300 people of which 15% are differently abled.

Project credits

UNStudio team: Ben van Berkel with William de Boer and Filippo Lodi, Harlen Miller, Edward Drabovitch

Ahrend: Product development team, sustainability team and all involved on behalf of Ahrend

Photography: ©Alexander van Berge
Videography: ©Martijn Tervoort / ©UNStudio