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Music Theatre

By day the Music Theatre appears introverted, blending in calmly with the UNESCO-listed historic centre of Graz. The building responds to its historic setting by expressing contrast, yet at the same time provides a neutral counterpart to the traditional architecture. Reflections of neighbouring buildings appear on the inside of the glass facade, visually merging the building with its surroundings.

When the interior glows by night, the public concert hall gains a distinct presence.

The Twist

The concrete twist unfurls to form the free-flowing spaces of the foyer.

“We envisioned this spiral as the building’s organising element in much the same way as serialism works in contemporary music. The continuous line absorbs and regulates intervals and interruptions, changes of direction and leaps of scale without losing its continuity.”

Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos

The Auditorium

The foyer accesses the multipurpose auditorium that seats up to 450 people. The auditorium is adaptable to a wide range of performances, ranging from solo concerts to opera to full symphonies.

The acoustic panels of the theatre are subtly adorned with a patterned relief based on musical instruments.

As MUMUTH is a music institution, it was important to include appropriate spaces for rehearsal and preparation, each with its unique necessities.

“A fine, stainless-steel mesh attached to gently curved steel frames completely masks the four-story, glass-and-steel structure as well as the spectacular concrete spiral that is the heart of the building.”

Victoria Newhouse, Architectural Record, 2009

Culture & Commerce

Combining education and culture within a semi-public venue

As the MUMUTH Music Theatre combines a university building with a public theatre, culture and commerce are intrinsically linked within the project and were a key factor when designing the programme organisation and flows within the building. Read about our ongoing explorations of this theme in the Culture & Commerce workfield.

Concept and Design

  • Blob to Box
  • The Twist
  • Patternisation