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With 26 structural bones and 33 flexible joints, the foot’s internal mechanics directly influence its outer geometric form. This idea became the catalyst for the design concept.

The vertical ribbons and hoof-like shape elongate the legs and create an almost animal-like extension.

“The UNX2 shoe creates patterns of movement and produces a dynamic form of image-making through motion.”

Ben van Berkel, 2015

Mobility Plus

Mobility at different scales

From the outset UNStudio has been fascinated with the concept of motion in architecture in its broadest sense; physical motion, imaginative motion and conceptual motion. This interest is not only physically evidenced by many of our projects to date, but has equally remained a constant in our theoretical output. It is no coincidence that previous UNStudio publications have been titled UN Fold, Mobile Forces and MOVE.
The UNX2 project gave us the opportunity to investigate mobility on a much more detailed scale and how this could be directly reflected in the design. Read about our ongoing explorations of this theme in the Mobility+ workfield.

Concept and Design

  • Mathematics of Motion
  • Parametric Workflow