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A nuanced city silhouette

As opposed to having only one prominent facade the Canaletto tower is composed of a triangular facade of 31 storeys facing west, in tandem with a rectangular facade facing east. Its base occupies a landscaped forecourt that opens onto City Road.

The clusters are designed to maximise transparency and frame views towards the London skyline, thereby lending the tower a softer and more nuanced silhouette.

As an extension of the interior living space, grouped balconies offer a unique outdoor experience. In each grouping, textured as well as smooth materials offset the typical high-rise aesthetic of a continuous glass facade. The smooth outer metallic element is complemented by textured inner materials.


The ground floor and mezzanine levels house a public restaurant and various amenities such as a gym and pool area.

The wavelike geometry of the pool accentuates the double-height space. Daylight floods the pool area via the outside garden. The space visually extends outdoors via the curved back wall.

“It is important that contemporary high rise residential buildings are not seen as stacked isolated units where you only meet your neighbours in the transfer spaces. This is why the amenity spaces are also very important in the building. In Canaletto, the cinema, the restaurant and especially the clubroom provide areas within the building for socialising and exchange with the other residents.”

Ben van Berkel


Designing for a residential building in a city with the cultural diversity and international appeal of London really does call for a focus on residential amenities and layouts that meet the aspirations of various aspiring residents from around the world.
In a residential building, we want residents to really feel like they are part of a unique work of architecture, something that is identifiably theirs. This is why the design of Canaletto specifically emphasises the clustering of different floors – small communities that are visibly unique from other nearby towers. Read about our ongoing explorations of this theme in the Superliving workfield.

Concept and Design

  • Articulated Facade
  • Sheltered Outdoor Spaces
  • Materialisation