Study: H2SusBuild Energy System

UNStudio has participated in a European Research programme (FP7: 2008-2012) studying the possibilities of storing energy from renewable sources in the medium hydrogen: H2SusBuild.

The goal of this research was to develop a clean energy and self-sustained building which can be operated without support of the power grid or auxiliary batteries in the European Union. A scenario was developed for an energy efficient office building with ample supply of renewable energy produced by wind mills and photo-voltaic panels in combination with H2 production and storage. This H2SusBuild energy system was constructed in a test building in Lavrion, Greece. It has now operated over the past year, during which the energy system sustained the power requirements of the building. The performance of the system and the required behavioral algorithms for the energy usage have been continuously assessed and improved. With the results of the test building UNStudio has formulated a number of design requirements for the planning of future H2SusBuild scenarios. 

In brief these requirements relate to the following topics:
1. Passive design standards for a building volume oriented to the sun.
2. High standards and quality of the building envelope insulation.
3. Energy efficiency adapted to local climate conditions and user behaviour.

Together with partners from the consortium these design requirements can be translated into a working and proven energy system. It is important to note that this system is still relatively costly. H2SusBuild is most suitable when an off-grid situation exists or when a Zero Energy Building is specifically required.

For further information please visit the project website.