Patented Dichroic Foil: Collaboration with 3M

Originally developed by UNStudio in collaboration with the firm 3M for use in the La Defense project in Almere, our dichroic colour facade foil has since been patented and is now a facade system product available through ChameleonLAB in The Netherlands. The dichroic foil is a reflective colour film which changes appearance dependent on the viewing angle. A multi-layer polymeric film with a polyester surface, the foil is metal free, non-corroding and non-conductive and is tailor-made for use in architectural projects.

UNStudio Team: Ben van Berkel with Marco Hemmerling and Martin Kuitert, Henri Snel, Gianni Cito, Olaf Gisper, Yuri Werner, Marco van Helden, Eric Kauffman, Katrin Meyer, Tanja Koch, Igor Kebel, Marcel Buis, Ron Roos, Boudewijn Rosman, Stella Vesselinova

Partners: ChameleonLAB