Parametric Tools: Collaboration with Sorba

For a long time parametric, associative tools have been used by both designers and fabricators. The gap between the design and construction, created by project procurement, has limited the possibilities of these tools to be more closely integrated in the past. Through workshops at UNStudio’s office and Sorba’s fabrication facility in Winterswijk, we will explore the possibilities that will be opened up when the flexible tools we use in the design process connect more closely with the tools used in fabrication.

Sorba is an independent designer, manufacturer and installer of aluminium, stainless-steel, powder-coated, steel-facade and glass systems. The company aims to ensure a greater flexibility in design solutions, to achieve aesthetic, structural and specialised project requirements. Sorba realises high quality finishes in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Their work profile can be split into three categories: facade manufacturing, interior construction and infrastructure. Sorba feels responsible for the complete package: engineering, manufacturing, installing and final delivery. Sorba is particularly strong in projects with high quantities of paneling materials like aluminium, stainless steel, glass, composites and glass fibre-reinforced concrete and polyester (e.g. Alpolic, an aluminum - or stainless steel - composite material of Mitsubishi).

Sorba has realised a number of projects with UNStudio in the past, including: EEA & Tax Offices in Groningen, Research Laboratory, Groningen, UNStudio Tower, Amsterdam and various projects in the Arnhem station area (Willems Tunnel, the Park and Rijn office towers, retaining walls). UNStudio and Sorba are currently collaborating on the GFRC roof panels for the transfer hall in Arnhem and the Theatre de Stoep in Spijkenisse.

UNStudio Team: Marc Hoppermann, Ger Gijzen, Konstantinos Chrysos, Kenn Clausen, Martin Zangerl, Shuang Zhang, Seyavash Zohoori

Participants Sorba Projects: Renko Landeweerd, Henk te Paske, Harold Reuvers, Mark Baks, Wouter Siedenburg, Jan Kosters