News - 2 December 2016

Introducing the Ribbon Wine Rack for Alessi

The Ribbon wine rack, designed for Alessi, is both a storage device and an object for the table display of fine wines.

Inspired by the Möbius loop, single strips of stainless steel are joined at each end to form a loop. The sides of this loop are then twisted upwards to form a delicate cradle which supports as it weaves itself around the bottle. Each row of curved loops is then mirrored vertically, creating a stacked display.

Ben van Berkel: “Ribbon wraps and embraces fine wines like a ribbon embellishing a gift. It alludes to and accentuates the anticipation of discovery, of surprise and of the pleasure of the aromas and flavours that await.”

The Ribbon wine rack is available in two versions, steel and Super Black.

Product overview