News - 16 November 2016

UNStudio and Heerim have won the competition for the resident-driven Eunma Housing Development in Seoul

UNStudio in collaboration with Heerim have won the competition to design the 32 tower masterplan for the Eunma Housing Development in Daechi-Dong, Seoul.
The approach of the residents, which involves the complete redevelopment of their current homes into a new and future orientated eco design, is seen as a blueprint for resident-driven development projects.

Ben van Berkel: “Designing a scheme for a resident-driven development is particularly interesting because you are responding directly to the needs of an established community. They know the strengths and requirements of the area and how they want to see their community develop. This local knowledge is invaluable to the design.”

In UNStudio and Heerim’s design, the 32 tower masterplan becomes a unique and inspiring residential area. The entire transformation of over a million square meters includes the addition of more than 1,500 apartments to the 4,424 currently on the site. To enable this, the existing 35 story residential towers will be replaced with 50 story towers. This will enable the home owners to create state of the art apartments and amenity design and to locate all parking underground, facilitating a new eco landscape throughout the development.

Project overview