News - 31 May 2016

UNStudio creates exhibition design for the Cobra Museum's 'Constant. Space + Colour' exhibition

UNStudio has created the exhibition design for the Cobra Museum's 'Constant. Space + Colour. From Cobra to New Babylon' exhibition. The exhibition runs from May 28th until Sept 25th 2016 at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen.

The concept for the exhibition design is based in the exploratory processes in Constant's work and creates a labyrinthine route through the exhibition, allowing visitors to experience the chronology of Constant's development  through choreographed sight lines and spatial relationships. The design for the exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to discover unexpected relationships in the works, that span the period from 1952 to 1959.

Breakfast Session - “We work for tomorrow’s world”:
On the morning of Tuesday June 7th, from 7:30 to 9:00 AM there will be a Breakfast Session at the museum with Ben van Berkel and the Mayor and Aldermen of Amstelveen City Council.
Ben van Berkel will give the kickoff of a series of cross-sectoral meetings focused on research, reflection and debate with the various parties responsible for the organisation of the Netherlands in the future.

For further information about this event please contact the Cobra Museum.
Photo: © Tom Haartsen