News - 20 July 2015

UNStudio's design selected for new theatre in Den Bosch

The residents of Den Bosch in the Netherlands have played a part in the selection of Ben van Berkel / UNStudio's design for the new 'Theatre on the Parade'.

Following a competition in which the inhabitants of Den Bosch were invited to vote for one of two finalists, UNStudio’s design for the new city centre theatre was selected for realization - having received 57% of the votes. In total 2,681 people (over the age of 12) cast a valid vote. In addition, the municipality conducted a survey among 5,000 people, while around 400 residents in the immediate area and other stakeholders received an invitation to vote.

The Theatre on the Parade is located in the heart of Den Bosch, adjacent to a large and lively public square (‘the Parade’) and near to the St. John’s Cathedral. Alongside essential functional, regulatory and sustainable considerations, the location of the theatre calls for a highly contextual approach, however the architecture of UNStudio’s design places equal emphasis on the overall experience of the theatergoer and the public qualities of the project.

Project overview