News - 21 January 2015

UNStudio welcomes the IMC weekendschool

On Sunday January 18th UNStudio welcomed a class of children from the IMC weekendschool and introduced them to the wide world of architecture. The IMC weekendschool gives children the opportunity to widen their horizons and explore different professions from an inside perspective. Architecture is one of the professions they learn about throughout the school year.

A group of UNStudio experts gave the enthusiastic 10 year olds a tour through the office and provided them with some insights into the profession.

Over the course of four lessons our future colleagues will make their own small projects, the best of which will be awarded during a presentation on February 8th. The students will be given the task to design their dream houses in groups of four to five children. They will make sketches, learn how to make floor plans and sections and to make models.

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