News - 5 June 2014

Opening Pavilion, City Garden and Underground Car Park at the EEA & Tax Offices in Groningen

UNStudio’s pavilion building and underground car park - along with the new City Garden designed by Lodewijk Baljon Landscape Architects - at the EEA & Tax Offices in Groningen will officially open to the public on Wednesday June 11th.

Following the completion of the main building in 2011, the underground car park, the pavilion building and the new City Garden complete the development.

Designed by Lodewijk Baljon Landscape Architects, the new City Garden at the EEA & Tax Offices in Groningen forms an important addition to the city’s parklands and combines the secure atmosphere of a garden with the liveliness of an urban public space.

Situated within the City Garden, the two storey garden pavilion, which houses a variety of programmes (fitness, restaurant café and business centre), relates to the design of the main EEA & Tax Office building but presents a more extravert character.

The new underground car park can accommodate 700 vehicles, of which 60 are pre-fitted with electrical sockets. A separate section of the car park with its own entrance can store 1500 bikes of all types and sizes.