News - 22 August 2012

Ben van Berkel's home city Amsterdam is the focus in an episode of ARTE's new documentary series on contemporary European architects

Ben van Berkel hosts a visit in a new series by culture channel ARTE on exceptional architecture in Europe. In each episode of the new documentary series entitled "My City / Ma Ville" Viennese architect Jacob Dunkl meets up with a renowned architect and together they explore the city in which the architect lives and works.

In the first episode, "My City: Amsterdam", Ben van Berkel and Jacob Dunkle will travel through the city, experiencing its beauty and peculiarities, its climate, people and planning, exploring and examining it through their particular background and knowledge. The two will visit well-known as well as unknown buildings and city sites and exchange thoughts on the city's historical and contemporary architecture and urban development.

The 55 minute episode will be broadcasted on September 2nd at 14.55.