News - 15 June 2012

Realisation Centre for Virtual Engineering (ZVE) in Stuttgart

Virtual Engineering in the New Inventive Economy

UNStudio’s Centre for Virtual Engineering (ZVE) for the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart has been realised. The official opening takes place today with an opening ceremony during which the German Sustainable Building Council (DNGB) will award the building with a Gold certification.

Ben van Berkel: “The ZVE Fraunhofer Institute was designed as a new prototype for how architecture can incorporate a contemporary understanding of the work place and stimulate new ways of working in the future. The traditional office grid and the separation of work spaces is replaced by the incorporation of extensive visual connections, spaces for incidental and planned meetings and flexible office ‘laboratories’ with shared work stations. Communication is key to new and creative ways of working and we designed the ZVE Fraunhofer Institute to stimulate this at all levels through architecture.”

Located on the research campus of the Fraunhofer institute in Stuttgart Vaihingen, the Centre for Virtual Engineering ZVE specializes in the investigation of different multidisciplinary work flows. UNStudio worked in collaboration with Asplan from Kaiserslautern on the architectural services for the Centre. UNStudio was responsible for the design development, the required 3D-planning and implementation during all planning processes. Asplan was responsible for the development of the construction documents and the site supervision.

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