News - 1 February 2012

Exhibition UNStudio - ‘Activate’ at Theatre de Vest

On Thursday March 22nd, UNStudio’s exhibition ‘Activate’ will open in Theatre de Vest in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, hosted by the Architectuur Informatiecentrum Alkmaar. Part of the opening event will be a lecture by Ben van Berkel, titled ‘Architecture’s Lost Objectivity’.

The exhibition presents a vision of the role that architecture plays in the activation of social and cultural cohesion in the urban environment. Today architecture faces numerous challenges concerning the activation of the public domain.

Themes such as colour, culture, transformation and public constructions are addressed in order to illustrate the potential of architecture today. The four themes are points of departure for further investigations and discussions. What is the role of colour in the urban environment? Do cultural buildings enhance social cohesion? How can architects avoid the problems of obsolescence, vacancy and under use from reoccurring in future city centres?

Within these themes, several UNStudio projects will illustrate the broad social and cultural potential they create for cities.