News - 11 November 2011

EEA & Tax Offices wins the Bentley 'Be Inspired' 2011 awards for Innovation in Building

The recently realised EEA & Tax Offices in Groningen (NL) has won the Bentley 'Be Inspired' 2011 awards for Innovation in Building. Bentley Systems yesterday announced the winners of the 2011 awards which honour the work of Bentley users in improving the world’s infrastructure.

CEO Greg Bentley said, “It is my privilege to recognise the exceptional talent and achievements of this year’s Be Inspired Awards winners, as well as of all our nominees this year. Their innovative use of information modeling and best practices has resulted in a legacy of intelligent, better-performing infrastructure that will serve many generations of people around the globe, improving quality of life and helping sustain the environment. Their work is very much appreciated, and on behalf of my colleagues at Bentley, I congratulate them for their inspiring projects!”

The awards were presented at a gala dinner during the annual Be Inspired: Thought Leadership in Infrastructure event, held Nov. 8-9, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Be Inspired Awards