News - 2 November 2011

Mirai House in Leiden celebrates Highest Point

The new laboratory and offices 'Mirai House' for the Japanese pharma concern Astellas celebrates reaching the Highest Point today. Mirai House is located in the Bio Science Park in Leiden.

As a centre of innovative Life Science research, Leiden is a national leader in the Netherlands in activities relating to the bio-medical sciences. Mirai House presents an open and transparent working environment for Astellas employees, in addition to an agreeable and welcoming gesture to their international visitors.

Now visible, the building frame integrates into one gesture three sections of varying heights, which together encircle an inner courtyard garden. Covering six floors on the west side of the building will be the office spaces. A restaurant with a roof terrace will be located on the lower floor of this area. The Eastern section of the building will house four floors of laboratories.

Glass and aluminium will be the main materials used in the façade in order to provide a lightweight structure which requires less material usage in its foundations. Lamellas will be incorporated on each level of the façade in order to deflect direct sunlight. The glass panes are further coated to additionally reduce heat load to the interior. The building as a whole has an 89%-90% net to gross floor ratio, with an underground energy storage system further reducing energy usage.

Construction was started on the Mirai House in October 2010 and realisation is scheduled for 2012.