News - 18 October 2011

Ben van Berkel joins Gehry Technologies (GT)

Ben van Berkel has joined the Gehry Technologies (GT) Advisory Board. GT today announced that that Co-founder and Chairman, Frank Gehry has brought together the world’s most distinguished architects and designers to form a strategic alliance furthering his vision to transform the building industry and the practice of design. As part of today’s announcement, this core group of renowned architects will also serve on Gehry Technologies’ board of advisors.

The alliance intends to enable new approaches to design through technology, to create more effective industry processes and a higher quality built environment. The alliance will work together to drive technology innovations that support the central role of design in the creation of culture. Initial Alliance and Board members include: Ben van Berkel, David Childs , Massimo Colomban, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Greg Lynn, Laurie Olin, Wolf Prix, David Rockwell, Moshe Safdie, Matthias Schuler, Patrik Schumacher and Richard Saul Wurman.

The advisors will come together today for their inaugural meeting, which will take place at the Marketing Center at 7 World Trade Center in New York. Discussion topics will include: demonstrations of new GT technologies and initiatives; the future of design; and the role of technology in design. The board of advisors will continue to meet virtually on a monthly basis, with an annual in-person session.

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