News - 16 July 2009

Papillon and the Other Half

The exhibition, “The Pavilion: Pleasure and Polemics in Architecture”, which opens in the German Architecture Museum on July 10, 2009, pays tribute to the role of the pavilion in architecture and includes a large contribution by the Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC). The exhibition frames the pavilion as an architectural typology that oscillates between art object and architectural prototype. Throughout the history of architecture, the pavilion has always served as a space of reverence, enjoyment, pleasure or as a medium for architectural experimentation and polemics.

The presentation is made up of two parts. One part comprises the work of the Berlin-based firm, Barkow-Leibinger, and the Stuttgart engineering firm of Werner Sobek. In the other part, SAC presents a two-fold exhibition called “Papillon and the Other Half.” which consists of the analysis of oustanding pavilions from 20th/21st century and the interpretations of their key features presented in the wallstructure “Papillon”.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Hatje Cantz Verlag brings out a lavishly illustrated publication “The Pavilion - Pleasure and Polemics in Architecture”, featuring essays by Frank Barkow, Barry Bergdoll, Ben van Berkel, Johan Bettum, Christian Brensing, Kerstin Bußmann, Beatriz Colomina, Nikolaus Hirsch, Werner Sobek and Wolfgang Sundermann.

“The Pavilion. Pleasure and Polemics in Architecture” is open from 11.07.09 to 20.09.09

Papillon and the other half