News - 10 July 2009

UNStudio in Beyond Media Festival

UNStudio will take part in the Beyond Media Festival in Florence this Summer. BEYOND MEDIA is one of the main events worldwide dedicated to the most current visions on contemporary architecture and on the outcomes of the intense relations which exist between architecture and time based media.

Curated by Marco Brizzi the festival takes place in Florence . It explores the relations that exist between architecture -the protagonist of the construction of cultural fabric, of new economic scenarios and innovation processes- and the medium which, in turn, develop a series of fields of intervention, of skills, of research ambits around architecture.

UNStudio will show five videos in the the Stazione Leopolda throughout the festival, as well as in the VIEW MASTERS screening, a programme which is dedicated to the review of videos produced by architecture offices that have demonstrated specific and fertile employment of video.

UNStudio in View Masters:
Saturday 11th July, 9:00 pm

Featured UNStudio videos: Möbius House, NL 1998, 5'35''; Datenprozess, Mercedes-Benz Museum, NL 2005, 2'00''; UNStudio, documentary, NL 2007, 13'16''; The Changing Room, NL 2008, 3'19''; Music Theatre, NL 2009, 8'11''

The Beyond Media festival runs from July 9th to 17th, 2009.