News - 18 May 2009

Arnhem Central Transfer Terminal breaks ground

On Monday May 18th Willem Hoeffnagel, project alderman for Arnhem Central, and ProRail regional director Cees de Vries broke ground on the Arnhem Central Transfer Terminal site, at the location of the future bicycle storage facilities.
The construction of the transfer terminal will take place in two phases. Phase one involves the realisation of the bicycle storage facilities and the completion of the platform tunnel. The platform tunnel, with facilities for rail passengers (tickets and information, escalators and lifts, shops, restaurants and bicycle storage) will replace the temporary station at the beginning of 2011.

Phase two, involving the construction of the transfer terminal to accommodate the flow of 110,000 passengers per day, is currently dependant on additional funding. The contractors Besix Welling, who are currently building the hull of the platform tunnel, will remove approx. 30,000 cubic meters of earth between May 18th and late July. The construction of the bicycle facilities is scheduled to begin in September.

The Arnhem Central Transfer Terminal is the largest post-war development in Arnhem and will become the city’s main transfer hub for trains, busses, cars, taxis and bicycles.