News - 12 November 2008

The Theatre of Immanence

The group exhibition Ben van Berkel & the Theatre of Immanence consists of an advanced installation designed by Ben van Berkel, together with Prof. Johan Bettum and Luis Etchegorry. The installation, named The Thing, consists of an upper and a lower level. The upper level serves as a form of theatre and the lower level as a more traditional exhibition space. The installation houses a series of works by artists and architects who have participated in the one-year long experimental project, entitled The Space of Communication, a project by the Städelschule Architecture Class, which consisted of a group of international artists and architects investigating various aspects of the contemporary conditions for social interaction and communication.

The exhibition aims to present the artistic and architectural results of this project to the public. Common to all the projects is that they address the social and inter-relational aspects of communication or spaces of communication. The investigations in the Space of Communication have been undertaken in an ongoing discussion conducted through a series of seminars, Internet-exchanges and in project development efforts and have been guided by a series of invited specialists. The exhibition presents an advanced shape projection design on architecture. The built structure inside the Portikus is illuminated by multiple precisely matched digital projections that both enhance and obscure the physical objects, adding information and disinformation, atmosphere and detail, playing on topics of presence, absence, body, and volume.

Exhibition opening: 24 November 2007, 8 p.m.
Duration: 25 November 2007– 13 January 2008
Press conference: 22 November, 2 p.m.
Photo: © Wolfgang Günzel