News - 29 July 2008

UNStudio: the next step...

UNStudio has made a next step in adapting its organization to anticipate on the quantitative and qualitative growth of our projects. Over the last years several large international projects were awarded to the Studio and a number of prestigious competitions were won. As result UNStudio underwent rapid expansion to 105 employees at present. To ensure the quality of both the organisation of UNStudio as a professional practice and its performance in the architectural field UNStudio has made the following changes to our organization:

NEW PARTNERS: Gerard Loozekoot and Astrid Piber became partners at the beginning of 2008, joining Harm Wassink who has been a partner since 2006.

APPOINTED SENIORS: Eight senior architects and architectural technicians were appointed at the beginning of 2008. The introduction of the senior role signals a next step in the organizational structure of the studio. Hereby we can ensure enduring quality with respect to project management, design and technical developments in the architectural field.

KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITIES: The seniors head the knowledge communities. The knowledge communities collect and archive knowledge about certain specialized topics relating to architecture. Each community contains a cross section of members from the studio. The content-based communities are designed to stimulate inter-member contacts and to increase and manage the knowledge of topics that we consider relevant.