News - 2 April 2008

Five Franklin Place, New York, NY

UNStudio was commissioned to design a new 20 story residential building located on a quaint cobblestone street in historic TriBeCa, New York City. Five Franklin place pays homage to TriBeCa's iconic cast-iron aesthetic, with a facade constructed from reflective black metal bands of varying widths. This facade treatment offers privacy with maximum light and views within each residence. The metal bands twist like ribbons, wrapping Five Franklin Place with terraces and balconies, employing this decorative element as a functional tool.

The height of the building allows for expansive 360 degree views of downtown Manhattan in a reflective, vertical, sculptural form which reflects the changing light, tone and colours at different times of day.

The interiors of the 55 residences are designed in three distinct apartment types: Loft Residences, City Residences and Sky Penthouses, each with their own distinct architectural features, colour palate and choice of materials.

Sleepy Hudson, the developer, enlisted the expertise of the acclaimed B&B Italia Contract Division to translate UNStudio’s vision for the interiors into a precisely-calibrated and quality-controlled reality.

For further information:
tel: +1 212 941 0005