News - 1 April 2008

The Next publications

In June the 3rd print of the three parts of the book MOVE (1998) by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos will be available in one pocket version. In addition to this architecture manifesto from the 90's Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos will question, in a new book titled 'The conspiracy of architecture', how they can make an architecture that while not fetishising the object, also does not fetishsise everything around it?

In the course of the twentieth century architecture lost its connection to ideology, and became entangled in a global web of value-adding systems and mechanisms. Like art, architecture today can be more about the cultural, political and economic value systems surrounding it than about … yes… about what? What IS architecture today? The topics in this book will form ways to re-imagine architecture in the context of today’s crafts and craftsmen, and the models and assemblies made possible by the configurations of the network model. As ususal, UNStudio takes care to back up its statements with work, both built and unbuilt.