News - 1 August 2007

Staedelschule, Frankfurt

The Architecture Class expands its programme with the appointment of Sanford Kwinter as Guest Professor. Kwinter will join the outstanding personnel that already includes staff and visitors Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley, Igor Kebel, Achim Menges, Ben van Berkel and Johan Bettum.

Kwinter will join the programme to pursue particular theoretical investigations with students and other staff members. Part of his teaching will centre on the continued research on fibrous and textile condition for the modelling of architecture that is undertaken in the programme. In the academic year 2007/2008, this research will be connected to an investigation of different forms of design culture, amongst them fashion design. Kwinter will strengthen the status of the accredited post-graduate Master of Arts programme.

The programme offers unique training in advanced design topics in contemporary architecture and centres on preparing the candidates in their pursuits of excellent professional and academic careers. The expansion of the programme includes introducing an extended deadline for the next academic year.

The new deadline for the next academic year is: August 20, 2007.

Ben van Berkel (Professor Conceptual Design) and Johan Bettum (Professor and Programme Director)