News - 7 March 2007

Realisation Theatre Agora in Lelystad

The new Agora Theatre is part of the Master plan for the city center of Lelystad and will play an important role both daytime and nightime in this area of the city. The clustering of cultural and social activities in this new quarter will give Lelystad an outspoken cultural face. 

The overall design of the Agora Theatre is inspired by kaleidescopic forms, while the colours used in the building originate from photographs of the sky above Lelystad. The exterior colour was distilled from photographs taken during sunset, whilst the blue found in the interior originates from a cloudless sky. Due to the kaleidescopic, diamond structure of the building, light falling on the various surfaces conveys the impression of constantly changing colours and forms. In daytime the shape of the theatre has a sculptural effect.

The grand café, also open during the day, connects to the evening square. From the different lobbies of the entrance of the theatre a beautiful view of the Green Care is presented. The vertical foyer, which swings through the entire building, connects different theatre and congress halls on the different floors.